Learn Money Magic Tricks To Impress Your Friends

December 29, 2016 robin


Talking while doing magic tricks should not be strained or sounds fake, instead, it should be confident and completely comfortable. Any conversation about card tricks can be scripted in advance, which directly benefits those who may stutter or struggle to get words out in company. Instead of acting like you know the mysterious trick behind all of your math tricks, a fun strategy to start off your tricks is to fumble with the trick and act surprised by the results. A funny act might be to invent a story and inform your audience of a certain outcome, while instead their original cards keep showing up. Instead, the object is to convey the impression that the performer is gifted with an inexplicable power.

Card tricks are the most common tricks done by those who do tricks at parties or to entertain friends. Not only are they great fun, they are easier than they look. Card tricks are always very effective. Everyone is familiar with the ‘pick any card from the deck’ kind of trick.

Magicians claim that a coin can melt, but can a coin melt that easily? There are no such things as coins that melts when a cigarette is pushed through it but people still believe what their eyes tell them they’ve seen. Magicians continue to evolve better methods for their effects, utilising the advantages offered by improvements in technology – they have been able to perform things that would have been considered impossible. Magicians today seldom resort to hiding things up their sleeves, which has become a cliche, although this technique can still be used on occasion.

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Magicians, who sometimes use fancy costumes, music, and other gimmicks, show that they can make solid rings appear to link and un-link many times. Some people will use money to perform a magic trick, such as switching a $1 bill with a $100 bill, and making ripped dollars become whole again. Magicians refer to their “story” as patter. Patter is the words used in the presentation of the magic trick. Magicians have always been for entertainment, whereas witch doctors and medicine men may have used some of the same techniques but for other purposes. The first recorded Magicians date all the way back to Egyptian times.

Here’s a great trick that has been around for a while, and is based on some simple concepts. You’ll need to do a bit of set up for this, but the astonishment you will create will easily make it worth it. You can do this as the first trick in a set, in between a bunch of other illusions, or even a a standalone gag to play on your friends at a bar or a party.
Here’s how the trick will appear to your soon to be amazed friends. You pull out a folded bill, and lay it on the table. You tell some long convoluted story about how money was created out of some secret bond between man and the gods of yesteryear, and you only need to know how to tap into its special powers to control money with your mind. Any long story involving money and metaphysics will work fine. Once you have their rapt attention, it’s time to do the magic.

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Your left hand is held out, pressing the bill against the table. Then you whisper some magic Latin or Egyptian words (don’t worry, you can make these up, nobody will know) and start to focus your powerful gaze on the bill. In just a couple seconds, the bill magically begins to fold in on itself. After your friends are thoroughly amazed, simply pick up the bill, place it in your pocket and carry on with whatever conversation you were having before the illusion.

Here’s the trick. The way to make the bill fold is to first prepare it with a piece of tape, and a piece of long thin, thread. Make the bill has been folded several times in the right areas to make creases. You take a needle, and push the thread through the bill, and attach it to the other side. You actually run the thread through the bill in two places. So if the bill is laying flat, the thread will come up underneath one half, and go through the second half, and be securely taped to the bottom, so they won’t see the tape.

Then you have the thread coming out of the hole (the non taped end) and have it run through your pocket or sleeve, and looped around one of your fingers. For example, if you are holding the bill on the table with your left hand, as you move your right hand away from your body, it will pull the bill in on itself, giving the illusion that it is folding itself. This takes some practice to set up, but after a few tries at home, you’ll be able to set this up in no time.

Of course, like with any other trick, the buildup is important as well, as removing any evidence as soon as the illusion is completed. It’s a good idea to have an identical bill in your pocket, that’s been folded in the same places. So when you pick up the trick bill, you can put it in your pocket and quickly switch it with a normal bill should your friends ask to inspect it. This is a great trick to do while sitting around a table during normal conversation, as well as a trick to do during a regularly scheduled magic show. Have fun.

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