The Absolute Beginners Guide To Some Easy Magic Tricks

December 29, 2016 robin

The world of performing magic tricks is an interesting one. Learning how to perform simple yet mind intriguing tricks is easy. There are lots of easy magic tricks that are easy to master within a short period of time. The magic tricks necessitate attention to detail, precision and dexterity to ensure everything turns out right. Below is a list of some easy magic tricks.

The magic cut and the restored rope trick

This is a simple magic trick to display to the audience. The trick will yield amusement. A pair of scissors is required to cut the rope. Since the rope is normally tangled into a knot, it seems as if magic has restored it to its original form. This magic trick is effective when the rope is cut and placed into one’s hands so as to make the trick hard to notice. People will think that a cut has been made at the middle of the rope as opposed to near the end. The restored rope will appear similar to the initial rope although it is a bit shorter. The difference in length is hard to recognize.

The magic tiny hand trick fake plastic hand

A magic joke involving a fake plastic hand is a funny way to mesmerize people. For it to become practical, the fake hand ought to be slipped into one of the fingers. Minimizing the movement of your hands is crucial. People will tend to believe the fake plastic hand is actually yours.

A handkerchief and fake thumb magic trick

The materials required for this trick are two handkerchiefs and a fake plastic thumb. The thumb should be worn on your actual thumb. The thumb should be pointed towards the audience since they will hardly notice it is fake. One piece of handkerchief is held using one hand. The fake thumb containing the other piece is inserted in it. The piece inside the fake thumb is pulled out and appears as if it has magically being pulled out from the displayed handkerchief.

The magic impossible ring and chain challenge

A magician must endeavor to make the ring and the chain connect in this trick. The chain is held in an upright position with the aid of two fingers. A ring facilitates stringing the chain through it. Magic enables the ring to be knotted to the chain. The obvious expectation by people is that the ring will fall on the ground yet this does not happen. Such a magic trick is a great strategy for hypnotizing people.

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The rising handkerchief magic trick

This is one of the easiest magic trick to grasp. A little observation from a skilled magician will make you a magician as well. With this trick, magic seems to be at its peak. A magician can go overboard and become a little mysterious with this magic trick. It will definitely appeal to people and scare them as well. It involves a handkerchief with a wire seamed into it. The wire is in form of letter L. When one side of the handkerchief is pressed, the other side starts to rise up. It is a fascinating trick. People will wonder how a mere handkerchief is able to rise up with only a simple press on either side.

The magic uneven rope trick

There is no better method for a magician to play with people’s imagination than using this trick. It entails three ropes of different lengths-a long, medium and short. Although people get the impression that the three ropes exist, in reality there is only one rope that is adjusted to the different lengths. The amazing thing about this trick is that people will witness the magician keenly counting the ropes to verify that they are three before and after magic has taken place. This trick is dependent on how well a magician is able to use his hands to ensure the audience do not realize only one rope exists.

Some easy magic tricks

The magic number two pencil trick.

Entertainment is perfected with number two pencil trick. It is surprising how a pencil can turn out to be a major source of magic. The trick is thrilling and humorous. It involves use of cards. A person is supposed to think of a number between 10 and 20. The card chosen is usually printed on the pencil at the end of the trick. It is interesting to watch the number two label on the pencil being made to appear, vanish and even stretch.

In wrapping up, every person has the capacity to perform magic tricks. Regular practice works wonders. Besides, existence of easy to undertake magic tricks makes magic worth giving a try.

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